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Accounting, Financial, ERP and eBusiness Software Solutions  

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WEBSTORE integrated with your accounting and ERP systems
Seamless web integration with your backend

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Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
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Established: 1988

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WEBSTORE Accounting and Business Software

Integrated accounting, inventory, point of sale and ecommerce software
Traverse Webstore integrates all your key business operations including accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales, as well as CRM - all the way up to powerful e-commerce - for synergies that create a more productive and profitable powerhouse.
Do you need a more cost effective business solution?
With the assortment of challenges small and mid-size businesses face, they need all the help they can get to be more productive and competitive. Priced at a fraction of scaled-down, mid-market, modular solutions, Traverse Webstore is a fully integrated, "all-in-one" solution that's easier to evaluate, buy, install, and use
Improving management across an organization
Traverse Webstore Advanced raises the bar on collaboration, with real-time synchronization of departments, accounting centricity, and overall inventory management capabilities, and eliminates the need for multiple, disparate or point solutions for these key business areas. Traverse Webstore gives everyone in the company total control, wherever they are -- from the boardroom, to the storefront to the front- and back-office.



OSAS accounting and business software is an excellent choice for Linux users as well as Windows, Unix, and AIX environments. OSAS lets clients have it their way; they'll have unlimited interoperability between character and graphical/windows interfaces.


TRAVERSE accounting and business software is developed entirely with Microsoft technology and offers advanced reporting capabilities; eBusiness solutions; specialized modules for not-for-profit organizations, manufacturing and distribution; and a number of featured vertical applications


UTILITY BILLING is developed entirely with Microsoft technology and offers accounting, billing, and reporting capabilities for the unique needs of the utility industry